Empowered by a passion for the practice and the profession of design, Leona de Ridder continually develops her skills and abilities to elevate the design experience of home and garden, working with you in a positive and constructive relationship to create functional, coherent design, bringing elegance into your life

As a Registered Landscape Architect, Leona continues to learn and think in an integrated and interdisciplinary way about structure, function and change. Her design principles appeal to many primarily because of her ability to recognise the benefits of working with materials inspired by the local context in which we live. This approach minimises water usage and maintenance requirements, whilst promoting interest, nature and ultimately elegance. Her landscape architecture experience includes residential, community and commercial site design.


Leona's landscape planning education and experience is focused on the broad scale issues of landscape assessment and landscape policy writing. Assisting with research and preparation of graphic evidence for various cases, including mining, wind farms and marine farm applications, as well as cases relating to inner city heritage issues and residential subdivision proposals.


Feng Shui Bathroom

The bathroom is the symbol for purification so it should be kept clean, airy and simple. Avoid triangles, sharp edges, cold materials and cold colours. Mirrors should not be reflecting the toilet.

Feng Shui Dinning Room

An intimate and welcoming ambience, with a visual connection between the kitchen and the dining room. This keeps the cook, guests and conversation flowing. The table should be in a well defined space so Chi can flow all around it.  Oblong, square or round tables are best. The hanging glass chandelier acts like a vitamin to boost that area of life and of the home. Seat Diners with their backs to a solid structure like upholstered seats or wall, or heavy buffet. Six is the ideal number of chairs around a table, eight is also good.

Feng Shui Lounge

Since the lounge room is often the first room that you can see when entering, its furniture placement is essential. Comfort and hospitality will see cosy cushions and the largest sofa welcoming the guests. Do not overfill the area with too much furniture and leave enough space for people to walk around. Rounded and padded chairs will soften a square room.


Feng Shui Bedroom

Your bedroom is the most important room for your health. Avoid having your bed head under a window. Keep your bed away from protruding corners or apparent beams.

Feng Shui Mirrors

Mirrors are often considered like the Feng Shui 'aspirin'. They are unfortunately often placed in the wrong spots. Always look what your mirror is reflecting, it can double a space, increase clutter (and you don't want this) or create a missing area...

Feng Shui Numbers

Good numbers, bad numbers? All depends on your culture. For Chinese the number '4' is unlucky because its writing also corresponds to the word 'death'. Why would 'death' be bad. it allows you new beginnings! In the Magic Square the sector '4' corresponds to Abundance and Wealth. Always look at the bright side of Feng Shui! ...

Feng Shui Colours

Colours and textures correspond to some of the elements and are best implemented in the Bagua (magic square grid) areas of your home. Prefer white and off-white wall colours then add a touch of colour in your décor - with tiles, carpets, cushions, textures etc) for tasteful Feng Shui designs...

Feng Shui Office

What is the power position? It is when you are sitting with a full wall behind your back (support) and at the same time have the view to the entering Chi. Where is the best desk position?

Discover the Magic Square in your work environment ...

Trained under Feng Shui master Roseline Deleu, Leona has completed her Feng Shui Practioner certification and skilfully integrates this practice into her design approach.


Leona believes in the personal approach of the Black Hat School, utilising her intuition and artistic skills. Working with colours and the existing items in your home or garden reduces the need to purchase additional items. Her aesthetic is elegance, and although she is aware of the traditional Chinese form and associated Chinese items, she prefers to work within the western realm of design elements. This approach will ensure a smooth Chi flow to activate Feng Shui in your life.


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