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As a Registered Landscape Architect, Leona aims to continue to learn and think in an integrated and interdisciplinary way about structure, function and change. Her design principles recognise the benefits of working with materials inspired by the local context in which we live. This approach minimises water usage and maintenance requirements, whilst promoting interest, nature and elegance. Her landscape architecture experience includes residential, community and commercial site design.

Leona's landscape planning education and experience is focused on the broad scale issues of landscape assessment and landscape policy writing. Assisting with research and preparation of graphic evidence for various cases, including mining, windfarms and marine farm applications, as well as cases relating to inner city heritage issues and residential subdivision proposals.


Outdoor Living, Sept '09 - Plants that Protect and Provide

The appropriate selection and positioning of plants can make an enormous difference to how comfortable our homes are, with Tahn Scoon.

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Traber garden, residential landscape concept plan, Christchurch

An outdoor space extruded from the volcanic bluff and cave bounding the property. The design intent was to create a volcanic rim enclosing a place of observation and retreat, with associated gardens and utility areas, referencing both the Sumner vernacular and the nature of the place. Construction completed September 2005, received Native Garden Award 2006. .(Lucas Associates, NZ)

Gordon garden, residential landscape concept plan, Christchurch

A coastal property, backing on to an existing park reserve provided much inspiration for this architectural sustainably designed property. It wasn’t long before the back fence was down and in it’s place a permeable fence allowed for the park to become part of the private landscape experience. Indigenous coastal planting, including a native herb lawn, and constructed ‘sand dunes’ places one in context of the Canterbury ecosystem. A series of heart macrocarpa timber decks and family of timber slatted screens provides intimate spaces in an otherwise long, narrow section. Construction completed September 2006.(Lucas Associates, NZ)

Boelcsfoeldi garden, residential landscape concept plan, Melbourne

Heritage listed trees and stormwater overflows presented constraints and challenges for the design of this leafy, 'old Melbourne' residential property. A series of decking, raised garden beds and stone channel swales effectively and elegantly dealt with the challenges of the stormwater overflows, whilst protecting the root systems of the heritage listed trees. (Leona deRidder, Melbourne)

Motukarara Station, Rail Trail concept plan, rural Canterbury

Christchurch to Little River Rail Trail starts here at Motukarara. The design intent was to recognise the various layers of settlement and rail history, as well as responding to important vehicle and pedestrian circulation requirements. This was predominately achieved by strong planting design, leading to key views and areas for resting and moving through the landscape.(Lucas Associates, NZ)

Canterbury Road Aged Care development, Victoria

Drought tolerant planting design to incorporate aged care requirements, as well as adhering to local Council water restrictions, whilst recognising the heritage of the Italian Renaissance building.(ERM, Australia)

The Lakes residential subdivision, Kaiapoi, Canterbury

Resource and Planning consents; Design and ‘The Lakes’ concept; Landscape planning; Landscape ecology; Iwi liaison. Ongoing role to administer The Lakes protective covenants. With a purpose to exercise judgement on what shall be approved, regard shall be had to the siting and height of proposed buildings and structures without any adverse effect on the character of the development and values of other lots in The Lakes development.(Lucas Associates, NZ)

Crowlands Wind Farm, Victoria

Attend site visit and assist with the preparation of the preliminary and final notification report and full visual assessment report, including photomontages and report graphics (ERM, Australia)

Hawkes Bay Wind Farm, New Zealand

The graphic evidence assists in describing the effects of a proposed Hawkes Bay wind farm on landscape and visual amenity, by describing and interpreting the layers of culture, history, archaeology, and natural character of the place. (Lucas Associates, NZ)

Lakes A Zone, Revegetation Guide, Rotorua District Council

This indigenous revegetation guide was designed to assist people to actively enhance the natural character of Rotorua district. People of Rotorua working together to create green linkages for corridors, restore waterways for people’s enjoyment and sense of history, protect natural areas, restore indigenous habitat and enhance ecosystems.(Lucas Associates, NZ)

Protecting Natural Areas Design Guide, Nature Heritage Fund, New Zealand

This guide aims to assist the effective establishment and long term viability in protecting natural areas. The guide identifies a number of issues. It looks at the need to understand the significance of each area’s wider context and looks at particular design issues to be considered in protecting an area.(Lucas Associates, NZ)

Indigenous Ecosystems of Lyttelton Harbour Basin, Canterbury

Liaise with the client group, Environment Canterbury, geomorphologist and ecologist to create a booklet providing information about local plants, animals and streamcare. The booklet provides the wider community with a tool to assist in protecting natural habitats from ongoing threats of discharges and development.(Lucas Associates, NZ)

Award - 2004

Pipeline Boundary, NZ Pride of Place, Landscape Planning Award for Rural/Park/Recreational

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